What is the Lymestone Hill Association?

Created in 1964, The Lymestone Hill Association, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation formed “to generally promote and protect the interests of the residents of the greater Lymestone Hill community.”

The Association is governed by a volunteer board of homeowners who are elected to three-year terms by Association members. 

The Association has three responsibilities:   

    1.  to maintain the private road that links Lymestone Hill to Lyndon Corners,

    2.  to preserve the 69½ acres that are “forever green,” and

    3.  to look after the neighborhood consistent with its covenants. 

How do I join the Association? 

Association membership is automatic when you purchase property within Lymestone Hill.

What are the benefits and responsibilities of Association Membership?

Lymestone Hill homeowners benefit from a quiet, park-like environment where lovely residential properties are surrounded by forever green woodlands owned in common.  The beauty and convenience of the neighborhood is assured by the Declaration of Covenants that is overseen by a neighborhood board of directors. 

A significant benefit of Lymestone Hill is its private road that extends from Colonial Drive to Lyndon Corners.  With immediate access to DeWitt and Fayetteville shopping, religious, and recreational areas, the private road is just minutes from health care, educational, and city resources via Routes 481 and 690.    

Homeowners abide by their property’s covenants and pay annual dues for the upkeep of the road and common areas.  Association Members are encouraged to participate in the life of the community by volunteer service on the board of directors and its committees.

What is the Declaration of Covenants?

The Lymestone Hill Declaration of Covenants, Restrictions, Easements, Charges and Liens (“covenants”) was last updated on June 18, 2015.  The covenants:

–  Establish general requirements for all residential structures,

–  Require board approval before homeowners make changes to their property, and

–  Establish how Lymestone Hill Association members may use the forever green spaces.  

The covenants include provisions regarding neighborhood noise, property maintenance , dues and assessments, signs, and rules for the green space. 

What if a member falls behind on dues?

Members owing dues are not eligible to vote at member meetings and may not use the Association’s green space when dues payment is in arrears.  Dues not paid on time are charged a monthly late fee. 

Who runs the Association?

Decisions are made by the board of directors of nine homeowners.  There are three classes of directors with three directors in each class.  Each director serves a three-year term.  Classes of directors are elected on successive years so terms overlap.  Elections are held by Association members at an annual meeting in May or June each year. 

The board operates according to a set of bylaws that determine how meetings are scheduled, how officers are elected, what committees are active, and so on.  Officers are elected by board members for one-year terms. 

Association members who are bound by the Declaration of Covenants may make changes in that document.  Bylaws may be amended by board members or by Association members. 

May I join the board?

If you are interested in helping the Association, please make yourself known to the board of directors.  Speak with any director or contact the board through its management company, TJMG Properties, LLC:

–  TJLG phone:   1-315-299-4277

–  TJMG email:   associations@tjmgproperties.com

Where may I find the covenant and bylaws?

These documents are available on the Lymestone Hill website under the “About” menu.