Property Maintenance

Lawns, landscaping and home exteriors should be well-kept and not appear visibly neglected as viewed from the street. This includes but is not limited too:

  • Regular lawn mowing as needed (grass not going to seed, weeds under control, etc.)
  • Exterior paint touched up and re-applied as needed
  • Removal of large, dead plants, trees and bushes
  • Long-term storage of tools, toys and other maintenance or recreation equipment out of view from street (when practical)

Please note that yard and garden waste should not be place curbside until the week of town pickup (when practical). Additional information regarding pickup schedules can be found on the Town of DeWitt website.

Additional requirements can be found in the Declaration of Covenants documentation.

Architectural Requests

As noted in the Declaration of Covenants document, changes to the exterior of a property located within Lymestone Hill require an official design approval from the board of directors. Details of what requires approval, as well as what may or may not be permitted, are outlined in the covenants document. In general, any change to the appearance of a property beyond repair and replacement, or basic maintenance, requires approval of the board.

To initiate an approval, please e-mail your change request to, or call (315) 299-4277. Once received, an architectural review notice will be distributed to the appropriate board members. Please allow up to 7 calendar days for feedback on a request.